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Introducing Daxico, a state of the art Cryptocurrency exchange.

Daxico seeks to provide a one stop solution to these myraid of challenges threatening the adoption of the blockchain technology by introducing a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that is different from the existing exchanges.

An exchange platform that would put an end to the troubles faced by investors and traders on present Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Daxico is a Cryptocurrency exchange with a difference, it is not just an exchange, it is a one stop exchange where all manner of Cryptocurrency needs can be met seamlessly.

This project is providing solutions to the issues users encounter during exchange and is taking payments in crypto coins seriously than before with the availability of the necessary tools that will help bring about the orderliness and perfection that is needed for users. It provides a crypto wallet package for users and establishes a decentralised P2P service for all the assistance done in it. This then foster effective exchange and the storage of crypto assets such that users can now enjoy perfect liquidity and have a much more better exchange process through a platform that has modified all its features to achieve that one goal.


✓ The standard cryptowallet and P2P payment feature

This exchange is designed so well and make it possible for users to use this amazing feature and a P2P service when paying with crypto coins. The wallet is well constructed to accommodate all types of crypto assets in any volume and the exchange allows the conversion of any currency and does this with a reasonable speed without exposing users to any risk in the process that might come from the volatility or any other factors.

✓ The availability of exchange graphs for users

This is a really good feature that shouldn't be lost because it directs users when performing their functions and prevent them from making mistakes that can affect them while doing the operations. This prevent technical errors as longs as the graphs remain upgraded daily.

✓ Account creation in wallets

This explains how the exchange can be connected with the users through the accounts that are created in it. With this they will be able to create account for various assets and also be able to combine them as they wish. The wallet address will be manageable from one account and will also serve as a protective measure for users in addition to the fact that the wallets can be used for withdrawing and depositing cryptocurrency during the exchange process by the user.

✓ Peer to peer type of payment

This is for users to be able to share and transact with cryptocurrency while avoiding all forms of fees that are usually charged by the other existing platforms that tries to do the same but have failed. Decentralised methods of transfer of crypto coins will be achieved from one account to another and this activity will be safe. It will be managing all this process and secure the validity of the activities.


This platform is such a simple one with guidelines on the front welcome page on its website that let users know what they do next after logging on to its website. All users are required to register as a user after which they would be able to use the features in it. All they will need to do is navigate as required in the ecosystem to enjoy their journey in it. It doesn't make its interface too complex that users won't be able to relate with it but provided such a simple one that gives them a full view and access to the components of the platform to be used. The DAXICO platform can be accessed with just a single click on the trade icon in the ecosystem after which the users will be able to place orders. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to using DAXICO because all has already been laid out and made bare without no complications. However, users will be able to use the features but won't have access to a special indicator until the platform is upgraded later.

WHY Daxico you may ask?

Daxico would introduce a Cryptocurrency exchange where various digital assets trading pair.
This will make it easy and possible for users on the exchange platform to trade their digital assets directly instead of going through the conventional method of trading it through the mainstream Cryptocurrencies.

This is exciting already right?

The days of going through stress logging in and out of wallets to carry out a transaction are over for good as you can now store your coins in one wallet which would make transactions easy and seamless.

You can have your digital wallets in one wallet, organized and secured....this is made possible by the Daxico platform.

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