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Technological developments lead us to use the digital environment a lot. The boundaries of the world have been lifted thanks to the internet that we all have connected to smart devices. From shopping to financial and banking transactions, from communication to information sharing, from education to health, we are able to conduct our transactions in many sectors without intermediaries. Even in our free time at the beginning of these devices on social media or play the game, we've been watching video. We face a new development every day in the face of this rapid change in the digital world. Almost all of the items and tools we currently use are high-tech products with digital features. Scientists are constantly developing new inventions in this area. Recently, many advances have been made in the fields of Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Blockchain technology also serves us in many areas of our time zone. Thanks to its high security, transparent structure, lack of centrality, the advantages of being fast and without intermediary, it is successfully used by projects that solve many problems. The crypto coins of these projects offer us different alternatives in the field of investment. Now I want to talk about a new project created on this platform that uses IoT and AI technologies. The name of this project is IDA. For more information about the project, please visit website or whitepaper.

IDA offers a total digitization solution to public networks, combining real and digital economy with block chaining, IoT, large data and AI integration. The digitization ecosystem (IDA Ecosystem) will promote the digitalization of the real economy by using innovative asset digitization business models that combine blockchain technology, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, data-based financing and cellular robots. The IDA ecosystem ensures that data is actually assets with digital ownership rights developed in the blockchain. The IDA Ecosystem provides an effective channel for digitizing assets and stock data, while significantly reducing the costs of different industrial transactions while providing a very reliable credit system. This creates a new economic model to support small growth and medium-sized enterprises in different sectors.

The asset digitization service is quite popular in our time, and the developers of the IDA platform offer many tools for quality work in this direction. There is no service in the financial sector that allows you to digitize assets quickly and safely. However, the creation of a decentralized IDA platform creates new opportunities for everyone. In addition to digitizing your assets, as well as digitizing the company, you also get the opportunity to use cryptocurrency credits to help your business progress quickly. In this case, you will not be confronted with large transaction costs or fraudulent schemes. The IDA ecosystem offers really favorable conditions for collaboration, while it takes just a few minutes to create a loan application. In this case, intellectual contracts are the main guarantee of competent cooperation. Such an economic model ensures the systematic development of small businesses.

TOKEN and ICO Information:

You can purchase IDA token at

IDA tokens will be used in the following ways:

Provide a technology base and support for MRT

As a technology solution and payment mechanism for the publication of secondary MRT representing real assets and stocks.

Payment for account transfers in the MRT market

IP protection and payment for other service charges in the IDA ecosystem.

Computational resources required to execute transactions

Maintain blockchain operations from distributed notebooks

This service/resource provider will need to be paid.

Consumption of these resources (tüketim mining inde in the IDA Ecosystem)

IDA will be used as a currency unit to measure and pay for tokens

Cost of consumed consumption resources.

Token name: IDA
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price: 1 IDA = 0.044 USD, 1 ETH = 10.000 IDA
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH
Total supply: 10 billion IDA
Special Sales: 15 October 2018


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