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Republia is a large-scale decentralized ecosystem, that includes elements of the countries that are familiar to us in the digital space and operates mechanisms based on blockchain technology. The coordination structure of Republia is analogous to “we-government” model that is aimed at direct management of the ecosystem, without involving the relevant regulatory institutions. “They-ecosystem” is a new stage of management that excludes mediation and provides platform users with an opportunity to influence the development of the system and make decisions according to different changes. The global ecosystem Republia is a set of operating tools based on well-organized structure, operating under a set of internal rules, that ensures safe and comfortable usage at every stage of operation.

Republia has its own uniqueness, this will make the coins and tokens values that are formed have a stable value without being affected by some other large cryptocurrencies. The MVP provided is very easy to use and understand, now you can understand cryptocurrency easily. Presale is currently underway, with an interesting bonus, this is your first good opportunity to contribute and start supporting this very promising project. The team is occupied by people who are experienced in previous projects such as Minexcoin.

The project collected all the most relevant mechanisms of the real countries that are familiar to us and combined them with highly efficient technologies. The global ecosystem Republia is a set of operating tools based on well-organized structure, operating under a set of internal rules, that ensures safe and comfortable usage at every stage of operation. Ecosystem is based on the main principles of the operation of blockchain technologies.

The Problem Republia Seeks To Solve

Oversaturation Of ICOs
Every day, several ICO projects are launched into the crypto space. Most of these projects do not have applicable use cases, thus creating a glut in the sector. As a result, blockchain networks are being overwhelmed by the intensity of such applications on their computing power. Furthermore, market statistics show that only 54% of blockchain startups survive after the completion of the crowdsale.

Hard Forks
Usually, blockchain networks resort to conducting hard forks to solve issues concerning the ledgers. A hard fork involves the creation of a new chain that runs on an entirely different protocol to the one in the previous versions. Instead of solving problems, hard forks create additional issues by oversaturating the blockchain. For this reason, many crypto hobbyists propose the implementation of alternative methods.

Volatility Of The Digital Assets
Due to numerous external factors, including politics and economic developments, the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuate on a regular basis. The volatility of digital assets is one of the factors that inhibit their mass adoption.

Hacking And Cryptocurrency Theft
In recent times, the prevalence of network breaches and subsequent theft of digital assets has increased significantly.

Prototype - MVP

Republia has an MVP, now you can try it, by visiting it there you can try some features that have been provided. I recommend that you register as a new user if you have not joined. MVP strategy of Republia focuses on testing hypotheses, but not on the reducing functionality for the sake of a cost-saving measure. All products in the early stages will be integrated into the system on the basis of reviews of the first users. Republia Foundation uses the following products to test viability of different solutions:
  • Bank - The minimal product Republia Bank is designed for users to get to know about the bank and the “parking” system from the initial stage of the project. “Parking” is a voluntary deposit of coins. Upon registration each user gets 10 conventional units, those interests that users will receive from “parking” process, will be converted into real RPB coins. 
  • Wallet (Messenger) - MVP Wallet provides the ability to test the speed of Republia blockchain and send money to each other not by hash function of the wallet, but by usual username. The system of contacts (Republia ID) is embedded in Republia Wallet, where the user can send funds to another member of the ecosystem with a single click on the contact. 
  • Smart-contract platform - MVP Smart-Contract Platform is developed to assess the convenience of creating smart contracts in GUI. In MVP Smart Contract Platform users can create a smart contract simply by clicking on the desired icons. Users can try to create smart contract for renting a house, monthly payment for utilities, payment of debt etc
  • Voting - MVP Voting System introduces advantages of WE-Government technology. In MVP Voting System participants can vote for changing or modifying an ecosystem product. Also this system includes voting for/against changes in the technical protocol of the project, which eliminates problem of hardforks.
Data security within Republia ecosystem

Security is a priority for Republia team, all important information is stored in Cloud X. It is a decentralized data storage, that provides security of information and funds in the context of the entire global ecosystem. Republia offers its users a unique digital analog Identity Card – RepubliaID. The main feature of RepubliaID is advanced security, which minimizes the risks of losing funds or hacking user accounts. Moreover, RepubliaID is used to identify users in the voting, exchange, and Republia banking system. In this way, the participant that owns RepubliaID becomes a full member of Republia community and can directly influence the life of the community.

Republia Coin

RPB coin is a main payment tool in Republia Bank, which is based on decentralized and transparent mechanisms. The smoothing volatility is a definite advantage of RPB along with other coins of the crypto industry, the goal was achieved by implementation of Republia Bank, which is the main component of the economic model of decentralized Republia ecosystem.

RPB cryptocurrency does not depend on top 10 cryptocurrency, this step provides support for the coin rate of exchange while the price of popular cryptocurrency is declining. Stability makes RPB coin suitable for both trading, long-term investments and for daily financial transactions. RPB is a cryptocurrency, which is a convenient payment tool for daily usage. Republia represents two generations of the bank - Republia Bank Classic and Republia Bank Next.

Coin Specification

In Republia Blockchain 400 million RPB coins will be available in total. 65% of the total number of coins is allocated to the genesis block and will be available when the network starts operating. The reserve of Republia Bank is 20% of Total Supply. This amount of funds will provide users with functional system, which will be able to operate during a specified time. 260 million coins are available for mining.

Name Coin: RPB
PreICO price1 RPB: 0.21 USD
Price in ICO1 RPB: 0.92 USD
Min. investment: 100 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, MNX, USDT
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

Road Map 

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