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 BitcoinBing is a cryptocurrency marketplace with unique features and enhancements that make it better than any other typical cryptocurrency exchange. Leveraging the peer-to-peer architecture, which the entire blockchain concept is built on, BitcoinBing gives absolute control to its users over their desired cryptocurrency exchange formats, processes and procedures.

  • Bitcoinbing exchange enables all the users to place the transactions on Zero percent fee
  • Bitcoinbing wallet offers security with blockchain protection which seals every transaction firmly.
  • Bitcoinbing will provide assistance round the clock by the well-trained specialists on the platform

As cryptocurrency is making its way into the markets, exchanges with a robust mechanism and additional benefits will enhance the usage of this technology. It would encourage more & more people to join a safer medium for trade which secures their benefits. BitcoinBing has created a platform which would empower the traders alongwith the whole market. It would usher them into a safer environment which would encourage them to execute volume trading without any fee. Before we go ahead and explain this platform deliberately, it is must to have a clear understanding of this technology. Let us go through some basic terms before we get on to the complex part. 

 To free the trader crypto from the problem, Bitcoinbing team has industriously worked on it architecture. The onsite Bitcoinbing matching engine has a phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000orders/second. Bitcoinbing users are spared from the trouble of waiting for their orders to get out of a queue which in some instances can take days or even weeks to process. This platform offers all the services that a typical exchange provides such as spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchange and decentralized exchange. 

 BitcoinBing's vision is to raise the standard of expectation across the industry and to deliver a world class experience with an exceptionally powerful trading engine, active platform development and a customizable interface. We are tackling issues that span the industry and our platform is dedicated to the user base. Bitcoinbing is a balancing participation in the blockchain space and accelerating mass adoption. 

Features of Bitcoinbing:  
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Security
  • Token Buyback
  • Secure Storage
  • 99.5% of our users's funds are kept in cold storage with multi-signature technology
  • For seasoned day traders and institutions alike, experience a full stack trade desk.
  • A Day trading competition and Airdrop distribution.
  • Designed for both dekstop and mobile devices. Asccess accounts, support, tools, and resources 24*7
  • Risk management and capital preservation are keys to success in this industry and bitcoinbing Risk Strategy System will be advantageous to traders and investors alike.
  • Compiling information for personal records and tax obligations made as simple as a few mouse clicks. Specify a period time, currency, a single asset or an entire account.
  • The bitcoinbing User Support System will include live chat where available, support ticketing system and dedicated support lines to streamline services and ensure users are promptly taken care of.
  • The Bitcoinbing Exchange user interface is designed for customization, allowing traders and investors to individualize the platform to their needs.
BITCOINBING Trading Exchange 
  • A safe, secure, regulated and compliant cryptocurrency exchange with tokens held off the exchange itself.
  • 0% Trading fees for trading with Bing token.
  • 100% secure cold wallet with multi signature.
  • BITCOINBING Exchange mobile app.
  • Professional tools and chart provided.
  • Live chat support 24*7
  • To be used as the utility token within the BITCOINBING Ecosystem.
  • Referral system.

 Token Sale

  •  Bing Created: 1 Billion
  • Token Price: 1 Bing = 0.50$
  • For Sale: 150,000,000
  • Min Contribution For Early Investors: 5 Eth / 0.5 Btc
  • For Public Sale: 0.2 Eth / 0.02 Bt
  •  Max Contribution: 100 Eth / 10 Btc
  • We Accept: Btc, Bch, Ltc, Xrp, Eth,Neo
 The Features
  • This venture brings great advantages to it users via the enablement to make-transactions with zero-fee
  • The wallet provided is duly secured with a high tech rated that belongs to the blockchain operations.
  • This venture will provide help round the clock by the well-trained specialists on the platform.


 This roadmap will render our vision crystal-clear to you. Our strategy is to methodically grow while distributing the profits timely among the users. The events scheduled as per this roadmap will help make a steady growth alongside earning benefits.


The ledger world has been recently let down by the emerging exchange systems. But the operations of this system will bring the best experience for the users across the globe.


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