Tombola (TBL) Review of the interesting and promising ICO project Tombola!

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Standard of World Blockchain Based Gambling

The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on EOS. Fair and fun, but no gas spending. Tombola will be the standard of the world Game and Lottery platform.

About Tombola

Tombola creates a hash value with seeds that are randomly generated in the EOS chain and with seeds in the player. The generated hash value uses the Tombola algorithm to calculate the results of the game and all results are recorded in the block chain.

Tombola is a reliable lottery platform that draws on a blockchain basis. Users can purchase tickets through virtual currency and proceed with the game, and the prizes are automatically distributed according to the winnings. One will be able to freely use the value obtained through purchase or winning by using various game services and distribution system, which provides users with an opportunity to increase their value.

Benefit for Investor

Tombola delivers amazing benefits to TBL investors. Dividends will be paid from all planned businesses.

NO GAME EDGE Game Edges Don’t Apply When Playing with TBL. When using other coins, 2 % of game edges are applied, but not for TBL users.

TOMBOLA GAME charges every winning user 2 % of the game fee. We will allocate 50 % of the revenue from the to TBL holders.

TOMBOLA LOTTO DIVIDENDWe plan to allocate 10 % of the cash amount for each episode of Tombola 6/45 due for dividend to TBL holders.

There are some key points to strengthen Tombola's popularity as follows:

✦ Free to use
Tombola is available at no charge because the platform is made using the EOS blockchain. So, investors and even players can breathe a sigh of relief.

✦ Zero Possible Manipulation
For Because Tombola has been designed using the EOS blockchain methodology, there is absolutely no room for any manipulation of the results of the game which adds transparency and will definitely increase the trust factor among the players as well.

✦ Enjoyment Token Holder
This is clearly a big incentive for all token holders because Tombola has decided to distribute 50% of the profits collected from all games to token holders regularly.
The token sale for Tombola will begin on July 1. There is no doubt that the buzz generated is already an indicator of how successful it is. Since time immemorial, the concept has succeeded in attracting many people and this is why the Tombola platform was formed after careful and careful consideration of too many parameters.

✦ Blockchain and Tombola technology
Blockchain technology is a new big thing that has truly revolutionized the entire web. This basically has created a new backbone for the internet. Initially, it was designed for the sake of Bitcoin, digital currency but its use and scope have doubled since then.
This has emerged as one of the leading software platforms for all types of digital assets. He acts like an ever-increasing set of records called blocks that are connected and stay together. Data values are guaranteed by making appropriate use of cryptographic standards.
When it comes to games, one of the main concerns is security and possible manipulation to deceive other players. By maximizing the clever use of blockchain technology, Tombola has managed to create a kind of platform that can really make a difference. There are zero possibilities of number manipulation and / or results. At the same time, the use of cryptographic standards means that every transaction made is entirely safe and will not sacrifice any details of the players.
So, potential investors who want to invest their money on platforms that tend to be popular and appear successful in the future must make it a point to explore Tombola. This may be one of the most talked about and popular gambling and lottery platforms. The robustness and varied features along with the ease with which users will be able to play here will make the choice of numero Tombo uno too many players. Tombola has been designed to offer prize coins and also free Gas fees. This makes it a cryptocurrency lottery symbol.

✦ The Key Currency in The Game Industry
The developers of Tombola have given a great idea into the whole process and this is why they decided to have the coin that can be used widely in the blockchain gaming industry. It will be developed thoroughly and might become the next big thing too soon.

✦ How Fair Would It Truly Be?
The Tombola game is going to be fair because it would actually have a value with seeds which in turn will be generated at random in the EOS chain along with the seeds in the players. It is the Tombola algorithm, which will be used by the hash value so as to come up with the game results. Also, the result is going to be stored in the blockchain. So, the whole process behind the lottery and gambling is going to be very well established, technically sound, safe and secure.
Every gaming platform insists on transparency and fairness. But at the end of the day, it's all just insist, it's hard to confirm, and we are believing the image they've created. but you can see with your own eyes there is no manipulation in

✦ The infinite possibilities of market development
Currently, the size of the gambling market for virtual currencies is a huge market that is approaching 10 trillion won. However, only a few platforms have been activated. The interest of the cryptocurrency gambling industry in the Asian market is far short of that of the West. If there is increase in the Asian market, it will certainly be incomparably large.

✦ Tombola ICO
Currently, most ICO are investing in the vision of an uncertain business plan. We can’t help but trust the ICO team on whether that vision will really work. But Tombola already has a working platform and it’s active. And a major legal issue is the acquisition of the Curacao Gambling license in the Netherlands and it will be completed shortly.

✦ Tombola Referral
Tombola users is a growing number of around the world. The most important opportunity in the early stages of this platform is that you can earn additional revenue through Referral as you start to get platform fixed users. If you use your platform’s Referral link to promote, you will receive 0.5 % of the total bet amount from all users entering. you can see the total amount of bets and the amount you can earn right away.

The basic structure of the basic game structure of Tombola:

Tombola uses the Chain of Seeds, Seed Seeds, and Nonce to get results from the game. The seeds and seeds of nonce are as follows.
  • Seed chain
A hash generated randomly from transactions extracted from updates for chain blocks has been extracted for public games every day, once for individual games, use only seeds before using Autogen.
  • Player Seed
A unique seed provided by the browser for each user.
  • Nonce
Number of settings per game. This function is set to extract random numbers, such as the number of users according to numbers. Bingo game results are encrypted through beads, semi-players and not, and then decompressed using Bingo decryption and all results are recorded in a sequence block and everyone can watch to see it

About ICO

A major change in cryptocurrency is the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Tombola introduces the ERC20 token called TBL which is used as the platform's internal currency with a total supply of 500,000,000 TBL. The following is a detailed distribution plan for TBL tokens.

After successfully completing Pre ICO on 1 August 2018 soft cap tombola launches ICO on the same day and will run until 31 August. Tombola has achieved the goal of soft cap when 25 million TBL tokens are sold. Token sales details are listed below.

• Token: TBL
• Price: 1 TBL = 0.04508 USD
• Platform: Ethereum
• Receive: ETH
• Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
• Soft stamp: 25,000,000 TBL
• Hard stamp: 250,000,000 TBL
• Whitelist / KYC: None
• Forbidden area: US, China



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