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MyCryptoBank is an on-line financial institution permitting any type of customer signed up in the digital financial institution system to earn a complete series of financial institution procedures, added procedures with cryptocurrency (settlement handling, debit cards, credit histories and also economical financial investment items, use crypto assets as debt safety and security and also lots of others) based upon Blockchain modern technology without check out of division. So, MyCryptoBank supplies solutions of customer’s remote accessibility to accounts, items and also financial institution solutions in order to make financial procedures.

As globalization continues and people start to accept the use of cryptocurrencies in various sectors, there is a high demand for digital money. The reason for the popularity of digital currency is not limited to accessibility, convenience, and efficient funds transfer. However, the cryptocurrency community does not have adequate access to adequate banking services, with many people facing numerous challenges with regards to dealing with financial institutions. MyCryptoBank will solve these issues by creating a cryptobank that is dedicated to the crypto sector.

About MyCryptoBank

MyCryptoBank is a comprehensive online bank that supports all registered clients to transact in a wide range of crypto bank operations, ranging from payment processing and credit cards to investment products and the uses of digital assets for credit security. The blockchain based bank has an app and web platform, which means you do not need to visit any physical department. Hence, MyCryptoBank offers remote bank services to enable clients to access their accounts and make transactions from any location.

This crypto-centric bank offers clients an innovative, multifunctional banking service platform where both traditional and digital currencies are acceptable. By allowing cryptocurrencies, the bank makes transactions cheaper and faster, while the universal currency support guarantees nearly all-round validity and acceptance. Clients will have a combination of cryptocurrency and FIAT accounts in one place, thus enabling them to take advantage of using both currency formats simultaneously.

What MyCryptoBank Community Cryptocurrency Bank Proposes

As the first dedicated bank for the entire cryptocurrency community, MyCryptoBank will give the client a wide range of tailored services that range from deposits and money transfer to loans and consulting services among others. Users will be able to exchange between different cryptocurrencies or from fiat cash to digital currency within this bank. Consumers will create accounts where they can make deposits and receive credits and loans.

The MyCryptoBank infrastructure will enable payment of e-commerce services efficiently. By using virtual cards, clients will get access to their account from any ATM across the world, including new crypto ATMs. All these services and so much more, including payment rings, will be offered at minimal costs, thus giving this financial institution a competitive edge over the traditional banking institutions while maintaining its positive liquidity.

MyCryptoBank Benefits

  • Low Commission of only 0.1%
  • No limits on client quality or business geography
  • No geographical limits on international transfers and also low costs
  • Hight transfer speed regardless of the amount money
  • Decentralized banking organization with excellent security
  • Minimal currency exchange commissions of only 0.1%
  • Full-time, remote availability

MyCryptoBank MCB Token ICO Details
  • Parameters Of The ICO
  • Token name and symbol: MYCRYPTOBANK (MCB)
  • Token exchange rate: 1 MCB = $0.20
  • Total token supply: 795,500,000
  • Hard cap: $100,000,000
  • Soft cap: $3,000,000
  • Accepted payment currencies: ETH and BTC
  • Total raised funds: $3,000,0000
  • Date: 15/6/2018 to 15/7/2018
  • Total Token Supply: 30,000,000 MCB
  • Total raised funds: $48,500,0000
  • Date: 16/7/2018 to 16/8/2018
  • Total Token Supply: 243,500,000 MCB
  • Token Price: $0.2 to $0.26
  • Total raised funds: $48,500,0000
  • Date: 10/9/2018 to 14/10/2018
  • Total Token Supply: 243,500,000 MCB
  • Token Price: $0.28 to $0.48
Token Distribution
  • 3%: Bounty campaign
  • 7%: Experts and partners
  • 10%: Project team
  • 15%: Reserve token fund
  • 65%: Distributed amongst the ICO investors
Funds Usage
  • 10%: Development of infrastructure
  • 10%: Innovative product development
  • 10%: Creation of the cryptocurrency ATM network
  • 20%: Banking license costs and maintaining liquidity
  • 20%: Network development and marketing
  • 30%: Blockchain integration

MyCryptoBank ROADMAP

 TEAM MyCryptoBank 

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