MONVID ICO – The New Generation of Decentralized Streaming Platform

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Monvid ICO 

If you are a fan of videos, films, series or watching television in general than you know how expensive subscriptions are and how frustrating it can be when you travel and then found out that the country has placed some kind of restrictions on the content and you cannot view nor do anything about it. This is the predicaments of most people because even with VPN connections, you still can’t bypass these restrictions and this was what prompted the founders of Monvid to create the platform.
The monvid platform is a decentralized community network which uses the blockchain technology to cut-pass restrictions, filters, and censorship to deliver a video streaming service platform that is easy to use and advert free. The founders wanted to give people the experience of watching their favorite videos without any restrictions irrespective of where they are. Their vision was to use the blockchain technology.

What is Monvid?

Monvid is a new way to stream videos. Its uniqueness is the fact that it is decentralized, which means no more restrictions whenever you visit a new country and it is advert free.

This is an absolutely huge step forward for video streaming across the world and will make massive differences for so many people that are frustrated with the dissimilar restrictions and censorships from country to country.

Features of Monvid

The two main aims of Monvid are to provide customers with a video streaming product that not only minimizes your costs but also saves you time too.

By using Blockchain technology, all data and personal information are safe and secure on Monvid. Due to the decentralized nature of the product, there is not one company holding all of the information that tightens security even further. Additionally, the Blockchains where the details are kept are encrypted.

Again because of the decentralized nature of this platform there is no need for a subscription fee. All of the content is shared online free of charge and the customers can, therefore, stream their content for a lot less than normal.

The Team Behind Monvid

There is a team of 10 behind the product, three of which are the co-founders. Antonio Jacobs has a few years of experience in IT and is the idea maker behind the project. Adrian Werner is the money whizz kid and will ensure everything is as it should be in terms of the financials of the project. Steven Morris provides the technical vision and support for the team and will move the product in the right direction.

The other seven members of the team all have their own place within this fabulous concept and have a plethora of experience for within the Blockchain industry, marketing and software engineering to name a few. In fact, six of these members are very technologically focused and will ensure this project gets off the ground in the best possible way.


Token: MVID
Price: $0.05
Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC
Public Sale Start Date: 1st June 2018
Public Sale End Date: 31st August 2018
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard Cap: $5,000,000

Token Price & Bonus

The Monvid network needs to raise funds for the completion of this great project through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and the ICO pre-sale began on the 15th of April 2018.

The ICO Price of MVID token is valued at 0.00005 ETH which is equivalent to about $0.03 with the present rate of Ethereum.

There will be up to 100% fixed bonuses during the Token-Sale, and there will also be up to 20% bonuses for greater investments. You can know more about this on Monvid’s website.
Below is the table that shows the applied bonus tokens on successful investments:

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