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About KuBitX

KuBitX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Building the most advanced and robust Trade engines, one of the most secure, fastest and robust platform today. Founded by a Team of result driven professionals working in the top fortune 500 companies and one of the "big four" consulting firms.
Currently, laying all the foundations and linkages to focus the KuBitX exchange as a vehicle to open up adoption and economic inclusion for the emerging markets.
This game-changing platform will not just be another fee-maker, in fact all trading fees will be paid using our token. We will never charge fees in other cryptocurrencies unless the user doesn't possess our token which will be easy to acquire in our exchange. We are here to provide transparent services to our customers; never compromising the integrity of users' data.


KuBitX is a revolutionary exchange project which is aimed at doing way more than most exchanges offer today. Already with significant bank partnerships to meet core needs in most emerging markets. The project was conceived and started in Q4 2017 with a team of all round professionals from Dell, Huawei Technologies, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Google, BP Oil, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MTN etc who have proven track records in their respective fields. The project is at 80% completion with an MVP trade engine that has capacity to do handle over 12 Million+ transactions per second with about 40 nanosecond latency. Our engine is also equipped with strong compliance architecture tools to check all non-complaint activities and thus make us the most preferred and secure exchange in the world.

KUBITX: Cryptocurrency Exchange & Trading Platform

KuBitX is an inclusive cryptocurrency exchange platform that is based on advanced and robust technology. Its aim to target emerging markets is clearly observed in its vision for Simplicity and Accessibility in exchange platforms. To fulfil this KuBitX not only seeks to provide the best and most diverse cryptocurrency market for buyers and sellers, it also aims to educate and drive massive cryptocurrency adoption. The number of unbanked people in the world today number into billions and this people are mainly located in these emerging markets of which Africa is part. If these ones can be said to have lost touch and are playing catch-up with traditional banking system, Blockchain technology is totally unheard of by an even larger percentage of the population.

KuBitX will bridge the gap between banked and unbanked in Africa via its planned quality educational programs that will engage with people locally in each region using Local KuBitX Channel Ambassadors who will train individuals, reducing their learning curve by using their native language so that they too can take advantage of the Blockchain philosophy. Our objective is that in no time ordinary or day to day people and businesses from small to large will use the features of KuBitX for exchanging money from fiat into crypto or to make cheaper international payments. It is true that cryptocurrency and exchange platforms have come a long way but the state of crypto online marketplaces today still leaves much to be desired. From liquidity problems and security issues to slow processing speeds and terrible customer support, there is a lot wrong with these platforms today. Even the best of them excel in some areas but fall embarrassingly short in others.

Therefore combining the best features of top exchanges in the cryptoverse while eradicating their weaknesses is a herculean task, but that’s in fact the role KuBitX has undertaken. That is why KuBitX exists, to design a platform that embodies the transformational and significant changes we will all like to see in the blockchain industry. The culmination of years of industry research and observation, KuBitX is set to be the most transparent, smart, fast, secure and reliable exchange available in the crypto world. The architectecture of our multi-lingual platform features advanced APIs and financial integration that will ensure hassle-free user transactions and will guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and performance one can expect from such a top-notch system. We want your user experience to be consistently remarkable which is why in addition to web platforms, our trading platform will also be equally accessible on mobile devices, ensuring you have the best access anywhere, anyplace.

Meet The KubitCoin (KBX)

The KubitCoin (KBX), a utility token, is the native coin of KuBitX and will be traded on the platform. It will also be listed on other exchange platforms in future. Having formed strategic partnerships with banks, KuBitX is not your typical exchange platform. It will act as a bank of some sort providing traditional banking services that will include funds transfer, payment processing, remittances and bill payment. What’s more, users will be able to link cryptocurrency trading accounts directly with their financial services account. And all of these carried out with minimal processing fees and zero downtimes.

At the forefront of every great project is a great team. KuBitX has assembled a strong team of experts from various fields; we’re talking fortune 500 companies. It’s an amazing experience to have such immense talents all in one team. What better team to make history as the first cryptocurrency platform of its kind. And so we urge you to be a part of our history.

  • Ticker: KBX
  • Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
  • Decimal: 18
  • Category/Algorithm : PoS
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000
  • Currencies Accepted: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 10.000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 25.000 ETH
  • TGE Details
  • Seed Round: Ongoing. Ends 16 July 2018.
  • Pre-Public Round: 16 July - 31 August 2018
  • Public Round: TBC

Some of the Advantages of our exchange are:


- Our exchange processes up to 12+ million transactions per second.

- Our exchange matches up to 12+ million orders per second.

- The latency of transactions on our exchange is as low as 40 nanoseconds.


- First Crypto Exchange with an in-built Financial Services Provision natively designed from scratch.

- Our exchange features trade surveillance based on machine learning.

- Our exchange monitors for market manipulation using machine learning.

- First Crypto Exchange with a unique product and Initiative to keep the exchange close to the people by having a strong channel system to drive education and adoption for the emerging markets

- Support of users planned to be customized and higher budget allocated

Modulus exchange solution is versatile. Unlimited tradable assets can be listed, including digital assets and fiat currencies (if a business is licensed to deal in fiat currencies).

Cryptocurrencies, forex, equities, precious metals and commodities, futures, bonds, and other assets can be traded with Modulus exchange solutions.

With the partnership between Modulus and KuBitX, we are making a huge difference in the crypto exchange space. We are here to create together a lasting Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange that won’t only take care of some part of the world, but the entire Globe.

Author: CUH
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