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What is Flogmall ?

FLOGmall is an global e-trade organisation that uses blockchain technology. It was created for global use and to enable humans to provide and purchase goods from all over the world. The organisation has assist for some thing that is called “LiveStores”. The shops that use this layout have videos of their items and offerings.

The agency believes that it’s miles essential to apply motion pictures. motion pictures can be used to give the store and the products that the users will be capable to buy (even one video in step with product is an option if the seller desires to). pix are simply now not enough in 2018. also, the sellers might also use the films to message their audiences and have interaction them greater this manner.

dealers in FLOGmall also have space for the use of video running a blog for reporting crucial news, occasions and promotions to its clients and to make auctions of merchandise the usage of videos. finally, they’ll also be able to use video advertisements to sell their items at the platform without people clearly needing to move at once to their pages.

The employer also has other capabilities like displaying the rate of the products in numerous cryptocurrencies that you could use to shop for them.

How Does FLOGmall work?

FLOGmall is planning to increase its enterprise by way of including using its very own cryptocurrency technology to its products. You already do not want to use fiat foreign money to shop for products from this company, however in the destiny, you may now not even want to apply different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (which is notoriously risky).

Why is this essential? due to the fact there are numerous fiat currencies over the world and a lot of them aren’t very stable. The tokens of this enterprise, alternatively, may be more managed via this market and, therefore, they may be simpler to apply. additionally, this new token will now not have inflation as it could be extra restricted in number than ordinary fiat foreign money.

Fiat currencies can be emitted via primary banks at any time that they need and this generates inflation. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, generally tend to go through deflation as there are not many tokens available and this range will never grow.

When you have any hobby in investing in FLOGmall proper now, your high-quality alternative would be to attend until the next segment of the initial Coin offering (ICO). The personal sale changed into already completed, however pre-ICO is coming up soon on February 22 and it remaining till March 8. the principle ICO is deliberate for the second quarter of 2018.

The rate in step with token is 1 ETH for 3000 MLC (but remember that you can use the bonuses). through registering before the beginning of the pre-ICO, you’ll have a 3% bonus for your token purchase.

Is that this an awesome investment for you? it may virtually be. FLOGmall is a completely thrilling agency and it’d provide an interesting token for you. It does no longer clearly depend a lot if you are fascinated because you want to shop for goods in this enterprise or if you want to promote the tokens later for some profit.

It is a superb point that this business enterprise already exists and it is already a success. This isn’t a start-up that might become making an investment badly and losing its investment, it’s miles a complete business enterprise which a certain degree of fulfillment in the market, which makes for a greater relaxed investment for you.
FLOGmall desires to put into effect an e-trade platform so that customers should buy something in any location and sell anonymously or brazenly, and FLOGmall wants to ensure that customers are satisfied and facilitate on-line purchases without disturbing approximately the huge transaction costs or security of the transactions they devote.

The project of the FLOGmall platform is to completely change the market of products and services, the use of big enjoy, in-intensity knowledge, as well as the hobby of the largest sellers and everyday users around the sector.

Thus far, all global sites, together with Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb and others, are registered as groups in numerous jurisdictions. Representations of these corporations have a wide geography and are ruled via countrywide regulation. In this example, each kingdom translates the monetary essence of its crypto forex or its interpretation is still no longer described. accordingly, felony uncertainty is created for the felony repute of the crypto-foreign money, each inside one jurisdiction and in its interethnic law. In most international locations, the crypto foreign money is perceived as a financial surrogate, which, in turn, does no longer permit for a coverage of economic regulation.

despite the fact that over the years some jurisdictions are determined with the prison status of person big crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on., the closing, smaller crypto-currencies, of which there at the moment are extra than 1,000 species, and newly issued crypto-currencies, will continue to be outside the legal area , at first-class as private money.


1. Presentation of the store in video format. The possibility for a buyer to look how your store looks, how personnel work in the office, or how the technique goes on manufacturing, substantially increases the purchaser’s self assurance in the corporation that gives the product or service. To do this, truly document a video, or possibly make a live broadcast. that is specifically cool while in real time the customer watches because the workflow passes.

2. A video greeting from the business proprietor to his potential customers. that is an awesome opportunity to at once position the target market to yourself, thereby increasing the probabilities of promoting your product among 1000000000 users.

three. Separate video dedicated to every of the products. after all, it’s no mystery that about 60% of all purchases are made after looking the video (video evaluation, advertising, and so forth.). this can allow you to gift your product in all its glory and to distinguish it qualitatively among analogues.

4. personal video blog, where you may cowl all of the maximum exciting events from the lifestyles of the business enterprise, or congratulate your fans on the holidays and tremendous achievements. this will convert your clients into enthusiasts, and loyal clients.

five. live broadcasts for the duration of which you can do right now income, along with auctions, income, and so on. In recent years, many shops are beginning to apply video sales and this layout will advantage more and more turns inside the future.

6. marketing through video. There may be an opportunity within the platform itself to promote the services of your on-line store thru video advertising and marketing. And the downloaded video will fee the brand (watermark) of the seller, which lets in you to reduce the danger that your content material will re-run.

The main page, of course, is full of shares, discounts and precise gives. there’s a handy gadget of navigation by using criteria, as well as key-word search. The work panel also allows you to view day gives and video auctions in actual time.

The web page shows no longer most effective gives from stores round the arena, however also merchandise from personal customers who’ve used FLOGmall offerings to sell a specific item.

This statement may not be distinctive from what shops and professional sellers do. A user who leaves an ad for the sale of a component also can upload her video or picture-review, description, and many others.

when a person searches for a particular product (as an instance, telephone covers, as shown within the photo above), he can indicate individual traits of the product. it could be whatever: colour, shape, material, model, size, and so forth.

establishing the page of a particular store, he can see his video presentation and some other content material that describes the store and its items. at the web page of a selected product, the user can view to be had charge techniques – this may be any of the prevailing crypto-currencies (altcoys).

further, a filter out is built in, which permits you to view the cost of goods in a selected crypto currency. this is, if the vendor indicated the charge in BTC, however there is an possibility to buy it in ETH, then by means of which includes on the ETH clear out, the user will see the price on the air.

The capability of this provider is partly similar to the inner provider of mutual responsibilities. at the same time, it’s far an automatic mechanism for exchanging tokens among holders with out participation of the web site. computerized token exchange happens for the performance of a beneficial action on the site.

when shopping FLOGmall tokens in pre-ICO or ICO ranges, a person who wants to turn out to be a token holder receives a big bargain on their buy. After the primary ICO, the website online launches the method of its monetization thru the availability of extra services and functionality. The website online undertakes to make sure that the token rate on the computerized token alternate carrier may be higher than the charge that turned into inside the pre-ICO and ICO stages.

After launching the site, the token holder accesses to ATES. At ATES, he/she will trade his/her tokens purchased on the ICO degrees to dealers and different customers who purchase website online offerings. for this reason, from the very first day of work, FLOGmall stocks the proceeds of the site with the holders of the tokens. additionally, the holder can comprehend bought tokens to any person who sees the boom potentialities for the token due to the closest placement of the token at the trade.
safety of funds

Platform personnel do not have access to person wallets, such as Mallcoin (MLC) wallets. price range obtained at ATES are mechanically controlled by the platform. After making an change for some other cryptocurrency, the finances can be robotically despatched to the account of the holder with out the participation of people.

The personnel of the platform do not have get right of entry to to the ATES wallets and cannot transfer from them. To work with the ATES carrier, you have to perform a useful action on the FLOGmall web page.

useful actions for the time being are: registration on the web site, advent of an advertisement, marketing in the network, use of one of the site services, participation within the improvement of the undertaking (submission of offers for improving the provider, participation within the balloting, video review, etc.). A list of useful moves may be introduced, in part abolished and updated at any time.

Why Do You purchase Mallcoins?

Upon Flogmall release and the start of sales of products and offerings for individuals or on line shops, users will need to buy more coin tokens. because the platform becomes extra famous the need for tokens might be developing steadily at the daily basis, the call for for tokens will correlate and can be without delay proportional to the call for for the provider of the platform.

From the point of finance, ATES nearly means that every one the incoming revenue is allocated to repaying blessings to the token holders.

“that is the revolution in each e-commerce and the world of investment. it is able to be compared to an instant while Ebay, Alibaba or Amazon would share the revenue with regular human beings truly due to the fact customers offered goods and services on their websites”, feedback Aleksey Khayrutdinov, the founder and the CEO of FLOGmall task comments.

We stay in an age of high technology. And the marketplace of products and offerings takes on a totally unique form than it was in the past century. Now in order to buy the necessary goods do no longer always depart the residence, and from time to time even rise up from the couch. nearly every product can be sold via the internet, so it is no longer unexpected that this marketplace is developing very rapid. in the close to destiny, most of the goods and offerings will log on.

but despite this there are constraints that slow the boom price. to start with, this large stress on clients from offline shops, as well as the huge budgets that on line merchants merge at some stage in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

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