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What is Better Betting?

BetterBetting is a handy encryption currency for betting that will set sports betting with a completely decentralized system on the internet. Like all platforms in the cryptogram world, BetterBetting also creates a block-based encryption currency with the BETR symbol to change the gaming system we know when making the blockchain system. BETR is being built by a gaming veteran who will make BETR the exclusive encryption currency of some of the world’s leading gaming operators. Betterbetting brings new changes in sports games to ensure a fair and strong betting opportunity between both sides and will eliminate most of the friction associated with sports betting placements.

Better Betting Foundation is a project to create a global set of liquidity rates for use by betting and betting creators. This project builds on effective technical implementation to achieve its goal of providing the global pool of betting liquidity. Along with the development of business needs, the technical inquiry has been conducted with the aim of finding the best technical solution. Basically, the intent is to provide a global pool of betting liquidity for use by creators and targeted bettors. In principle, anyone can make a betting offer based on a real sporting event, this is more traditionally known as a bet. Every project solves a problem that leads me to the need to conceptualize this project.

Why Better Betting

BETR is different. It is the betting crypto-currency that will establish truly decentralised sports betting on the internet. With BETR providing financial security true peer-to-peer betting becomes possible on the internet with entities that have no prior relationship. Using blockchain we are able to provide sportsbook clients that operate with no human or business entity in the middle. The system is safe, the software and transactions are probably fair and robust. Add on the ease of paying for a bet through BETR currency and the fact that you can make larger bets, and you can see why BETR Betting is the future of betting.

  • · Peer to Peer betting with no central party
  • · Provably fair and unbreakable
  • · Applicability to other gaming activities
  • · All software will be open source and available for free
  • · Access to betting in more jurisdictions
  • · Access to much larger bets — global betting liquidity
  • · No risk to punters from underfunded operators
  • · Designed by the industry for the industry

How it Works for Everyone

There are two parties who bet. In our terms, we call the party that creates (or lays) the Bets 11 Offers the BET Creator. Traditionally this would be a sports book but in our case, anyone could be a Creator Bet. On the other hand, the party receiving the offer bid (or its part) is called BETTOR.

From the point of view of Bettors, they basically want to see a list of sporting events and betting options with the available obstacles and limitations. By selecting a bet option and applying the bet amount, a bet can be made. For CREATOR BET, they want to be able to create a Bet Offer series with betting options, opportunities and limits (maximum risk exposure) and place them into the betting directory so Bettors can select them as above. It is predicted that a standard BBN API will be created allowing Creator Bet to integrate directly with their own systems so that they offer automatic creation offers.

Above all these systems need to know when the sporting event is scheduled and when the results. To do this, the same APIs available for sports books can be used to connect samples of BBN and data feed providers. This will facilitate the creation of automatic events, markets and selection and can also facilitate the results. One of the main features of this directory is to provide Event ID, Market and Selection so that event data can be paired with the betting creator system. The Event ID will include the Primary Feed Provider ID and may also include the Creator ID.

Structure of Three Layers of BBN
To provide a technical solution to these requirements, a three-tiered application is considered which may be described as follows:

Backup for future publications

The token reserve fund will be created as part of the initial token event to be sold on the market at the discretion of the foundation. This reserve fund is not more than 10% of the amount issued at ICO and will be trusted and not released for at least 12 months. No further evidence will be made other than the ongoing maintenance token.


At least $ 2 million, a maximum of $ 30 million will be raised through token publishing. This fund will be used for

Better bet protocol development and release
Development and open source software dapps and nodes
Marketing to key stakeholders and consumers
Legal and administrative costs

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