4New ICO Review (KWATT Token): Eco Friendly Token

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We all know if you want to earn more than you should mine cryptocurrency but mining is not an easy task. 

 You have to collect all the Mining equipment, accessories lots of knowledge, best miners, Mining software etc. After collecting all this thing, we start mining but as we know as time goes blockchain mining algorithm become difficult which take more time to mine. which result in exponential growth in electricity consumption every year with every block. 

 According to the white paper of ICO on 23 March, 2018 one bitcoin Take 30.5 household energy for a day in bitcoin coin mining. As we all know for mining we require electricity, electricity requires lots of fuel to burn. 80% of the electricity generation is generated by fossil fuel. Now you can think how much pollution is generated by one bitcoin mining. 

This air pollution information rate is raised to 50% in 2030 according to research.

You can see how dramatically electricity consumption increase with time. Is there any solution for this? 

 Because we cannot stop bitcoin mining as they are very inestimable for us. So here comes a world first eco-friendly cryptocurrency, Name is a 4New or KWATTtoken. 

 What is 4New?

 4New is a world’s first Eco-friendly digital currency which helps us to mine cryptocurrency by covering the population we generate through mining. How? Confused? Let me explain 

 Every year lots of waste material is generated by human beings. Using KWATT crypto we can refine water material into water and organic material. Now, this organic material can be used to produce power which can be used for mining purpose.

After the time, left organic material can be used for selling purpose which creates a profit margin for us. Refining cost and power generation cost can be meet through earing earned by cryptocurrency mining. Other all earning are kept as a profit. 

If we check history record of last 50 year then we can conclude that 1 kilowatt of energy consumed 0.15$ for manufacture. We are assuming that this price will we be constant for next few years also. 

KWATTcoin embodied 1 kilowatt of energy for one year.

How 4New, KWATTcoin solve the problem?  

KWATTcoin sustains some hash power in it. The idea is not new. Some company already using it presently like Giga watt. You don’t have to pay anything for mining or energy generation. You have to pay for only coin price. 

This implies that coin holder can mine other cryptocurrencies without spending the penny of rupee on electricity for a lifetime. The energy Is free of cost. 

How 4New sustain itself with time?

Now the question comes how KWATTcoin sustains itself after ICO end. As mining is free after all token distribution.  4NEW ICO team is planning to sell biofertilizer and wastewater in starting days of the project. The mechanism can be implemented I starting days with Moneywhich is Generated through ICO. Also, for future 4New Team Retain some KWATTcoin, which will provide extra revenue in future. 

How much energy can be generated through energy waste   ?

Token distribution

4NEW ICO Details  
  • Token: KWATT
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 KWATT = 2.00 USD
  • Fundraising Goal: 75,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 300,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 67%
  • KYC: YES
  • Bonus for the First UP TO 55%
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD, DASH, GBP
  • Team from: ENGLAND
Total tokens for sale: 300 million, any unsold tokens will be burned.  
Type of token: ERC20  
Token Sale end date: 31st January  
Price: Currently 1 ETH= 2010 KWATT 


4NEW ICO very unique concept. a country like China taking very strict action because of power consumption, KWATTtoken will create a revolution in this field. I think 4NEW ICO is legit after reading the white paper. Also, a team of KWATTcoin is experienced so we don’t have to bother about the scam.  

 You can invest in this without any doubt. $30 million is already raised in the token sale. If you hold KWATTcoin for a long time then you can also generate free Cryptocurrency by mining them in the future. This is a very good project.

I hope you like my honest review on 4NEW ICO. If you did, make sure share my post on social media and let other know about this  ICO.

Cheers !!!  

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