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TraXion is a project which is taking advantage of the most contemporary IBM Hyperledger Fabric technology in an attempt to provide particularly seamless integration as well as connectivity amongst a variety of networks, individuals, and businesses. The company wants to introduce a better bank in an environment which is driven by the blockchain.

This is supposedly going to enable the community to load, as well as to send, save, borrow, lend, and pretty much all the other financial transactions. The intention is to create an environment where the for-profit organizations meet the non-profit sectors in order to developer convenient synergistic structures for activities with social impact without any corruption.

About the project

The main intention of TraXion is to create a convenient crypto-economy which is going to last. Therefore, the main focus of the project is designated to be on the scale as well as the convenient elimination of the middlemen and the decentralization of the legacy systems.

Of course, in order to achieve all of these goals, the project is going to provide white-label platforms throughout the entire world and make sure to connect them into what is intended to be a distributed, permissioned and entirely secured blockchain platform. This is going to be used by operators, agencies, as well as by banks in important jurisdictions in an attempt to process a range of different currencies as well as to facilitate transactions across the border without having the need for cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it attempts to enable all the participants to donate to causes which the blockchain actually trusts.

The project wants to bridge the gap which is currently existing in the financial systems and in the emerging technologies which are far from being as user friendly as they could be. In order to do so, it presents a secure as well as a simple way to use banking architecture and payments which is going to lower the overall financial inclusion barriers.

Addressing Some of the Issues

If you take a look at this platform, you see that they have so many different services to offer – from payment and wallet to fundraising activities. It’s not because the people behind TraXion are ambitious. It is more to the idea of creating a one-stop-service where you can enjoy various services without having to go elsewhere. Don’t you think it would be more efficient and it saves a lot of time and efforts?

By adopting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, this platform believes that they can deliver tons of positive outcomes. For a starter, they create an easy, simple, and fast payment system where users can send and receive money in a matter of seconds. Just create the wallet and you should be able to send or accept payments. Second, they create peer-to-peer lending programs, focusing on those unbanked people. Believe it or not, there are still 700 people not getting the chance to financial sectors or aid. With this peer-to-peer program, users can help each other.

You can also find the fundraising program. Anyone can donate but they are also able to set the conditions. They simply send the money to the wallet, where it will be secured by escrow. When they find an organization, individual, business, or institutions meeting the conditions, the money can be released and given to the recipient. A trustless ecosystem and community are possible when it is backed up with the right technologies.


The official crowd sale is going to last for 2 months. It will begin on the 15th of April and it is going to last until the 15th of June. The platform which is used is the one of Ethereum and the project has set a very ambitious goal of raising $100,000,000 USD. You would be allowed to make contributions only with ETH.

The Token

The official token which is to be issued and sold is dubbed as TXN and you would be able to acquire it during the official ICO for 0.0005 ETH per 1 TXN token. Now, if you want to enhance your value, you can check out the conditions for the bounty campaign and how you can take part in it.

The project comes from the Philippines. There is a whitelist as well as a KYC that you can take advantage of. It is rather beneficial that there is no mention of restricted areas.

Screening for TXN Tokens

Since this token will be the main currency of the platform, not everyone can buy them. This is specially applied to investors. During the sales event, investors will have to go through KYC checking and AML verification. TraXion is trying to create a platform that is free from frauds, scams, and corruptions, so they are screening their investors and members. They are trying to protect users and the system by applying different kinds of technologies that would strengthen the core.

The development team plans on releasing 500 million tokens, and half of it (250 million) will be dedicated to token sales. During the pre-sale event, which takes place from 1st to 31st of May 2018, 40 million tokens will be sold. The bonuses may vary from 40% to 10%. During the crowd sale, which takes place from 15th of June to 31st of July 2018, 200 million tokens will be sold, but without any bonus. Any interested investors should contact customer support if they want to learn more about TraXion.


  • Ann Cuisia-CEO
  • Tamer Maher-COO
  • Jojy Azurin-Head of Business Strategies
  • Roberto Calida-CFO
  • Raymonde Sawal-Marketing Head In Charge of UK
  • Alvin Veroy-Head of Blockchain and Infrastructure
  • Jon Margalit-Biz Dev, North American Region
  • Iurii Znak-Marketing & Investment Consultant
  • Miguel Pilar-Head of Business Development
  • Jourdan Sebastian-Market Influencer
  • Fernando Contreras Jr.-CTO
  • Jason Dela Rosa-Head of DevOps
  • Michael Samonte-Lead JS Developer
  • Christopher Asinas-Community Manager

  • Burton Crapps-Fintech Advisor
  • Yobie Benjamin-International Blockchain Partnership Advisor
  • Krishan Grover-Business & Partnership Advisor
  • Rafael Padilla-Legal & Compliance Advisor
  • Nathan Christian-International Blockchain Community Advisor
  • Tyler Sanford-International Blockchain Community Advisor
  • Phillip Nunn-International Blockchain Advisor
  • Preston Junger-International Blockchain Advisor
  • Rick Tapia-International Blockchain Community Advisor
  • Anthony Pangilinan-Business & Partnership Advisor
  • Tony Herbosa-Finance and Investments Advisor
  • Formation of Blockchain Dev Hub-Completed
  • Launch of Payment Platform-Completed
  • Launch of Fundraising Platform-Completed
  • Token Sale-May 2018
  • TraXion Wallet Capability-Q2 2018
  • SMARTER Fundraising-Q3 2018
  • Crypto Trading on Wallet-End of 2018
  • Whitelabel Remittance Portal-Early 2019
  • Peer-to-peer Lending-Late 2019
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