Safein: Blockchain Based Platform Which Everybody Can Easily Use

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In the last few years, online shopping sites are in great demand of many people. This is not because of the ease offered by some of these platforms. Users just sit in their seats and press the smartphone in their hands. This is enough to buy some of the things they want. Therefore, it is natural that online business to become granary income for those who take advantage of this service. The company and of course the existing traders in the ecosystem.

This may be a common and familiar situation for everyone: they love to buy things online. In fact, you have multiple marketplace accounts so you can choose different products from different websites. But every time you want to buy something, you must go to the website, complete the transaction, and then receive your order.

Why Safein Needed?
Let's say you have 4 different accounts, and you happen to want to buy 4 different items from those 4 websites on the same day. Can you imagine how complicated it is when you have to go in and out repeatedly? Do not you feel that it will be a waste of time, energy, and also thoughts? Of course it's very ineffective and too complicated.

This is why the Safein platform is built. This platform is about creating a universal payment method or a crypto purse where you no longer have to go in or out repeatedly. If you have this platform account, all you have to do is log in, buy 4 different items easily, complete all transactions, and everything is done. It's easy, is not it? No need to enter or exit multiple times. This one account is not only secure for each of your transactions but provides more effective management than having to have different accounts simultaneously.

Problems During This
Not only does Safein provide a single door to manage your payments, this platform also provides greater protection and security in terms of data control. Imagine this: One day you are looking for a particular skin care brand. The next thing you need to know, your social media account is full of ads from certain skin care brands. You may ignore this but do not you want to know how this happens? It is no coincidence that you do a search for skin care of a product and then your account will be filled with advertising.

That's because most websites have systems that will always monitor and track their visitors. This website wants to learn about their visitors' habits, what they like, what products they're interested in, how long they spend on browsing, what opportunities each website visitor might buy. This is a matter of precisely targeted ads, they are trying to advertise a product that is right on target.

Solution from Safein
Some people are fine with this, but some are not, many are uncomfortable with the condition. And Safein will solve this problem with better security (and also give priority to the convenience of its users). Every time you log into a new (or old) website, they will protect the data you own.

You have complete control over your privacy so only you can give permission. Whether you want to give away all personal information or not, it's all in your full repertoire. With the Safein platform, the data becomes more secure and not used for the benefit of the company alone. You can have a bigger role for each of your data.

About Token SFN

This platform will use the SFN token as the primary currency. Of course, everyone can benefit from this token (both buyer and seller) but there are special arrangements to keep in mind. It is strongly recommended that everyone should know this token mechanism, including how to work and commission sharing before they join Safein.

To launch its project, Safein will launch a 1,000,000,000 SFN token. Of the total amount, there will be 300,000,000 tokens available for ICO. Funds earned in this token sale will be used for several purposes related to the development of the Safein platform. The price per SFN token is set at 0.07 USD per token.

The team has determined the amount of Softcap of 3,000,000 USD and also Hardcap of 21,000,000 USD. This amount is considered ideal as initial funding to develop a higher level platform. If you are interested to join the Safein token sales, you can buy the token on May 31, 2018. Immediately prepare your capital if interested in buying SFN token.

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