Payera – Blockchain Based Platform With Multifunction Solutions For Ease of Use Cryptocurrency

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Payera is a blockchain-based platform that wants to create a new era of cryptocurrency. Payera comes as an easy solution and encourages more use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, whether offline or online. Payera allows any cryptocurrency owner to do simple shopping and secure payments whenever they want.

Payera was created based on the concept of the best known and most successful e-commerce company in Asia, but much easier to handle. The platform offers multifunctional solutions that have never existed in the crypto market before. The offered products consist of Payera, Shopera, and Cardera.

Payera has the Vision to be the most prominent global and universal crypto platform, with the most significant number of users in the world. It provides a place where all crypto owners can shop online without worrying. For some time, Payera’s team has been working on incentives on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Check out the full Payera platform review below.

The background to the creation of the Payera platform is the lack of interest of most people in using cryptocurrency for everyday transactions. Cryptocurrency industry is proliferating, always bring new cryptocurrency over time. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies tend to be more used to speculate that as a means of payment transactions. This is influenced by high anonymity and substantial volatility in cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, the owner of the cryptocurrency has only limited options when it wants to spend its cryptocurrency. So far, there is still no platform that offers convenience to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment in everyday transactions.

This is where the opportunity for the Payera platform to enter the cryptocurrency market, by providing innovative solutions for all crypto owners. Payera comes as a payment platform with an exchanger and a wallet that allows individuals and merchants to make purchases using cryptocurrency. All transactions made buyers are guaranteed safe from criminals because Payera offers full protection to consumers. Operations are also fast and transparent.

To facilitate transactions between merchants and sellers, Payera is specially designed with user-friendly operation. In the security sector, the Payera platform uses the latest blockchain technology, with the highest level of encryption in all its services. This provides a firm security guarantee to sellers and buyers. The Payera wallet is secured with face recognition, pin code, or fingerprint. Sellers and buyers can make internal transactions between the Wallet Payera for free.

Payera Exchanger allows users to sell or change their crypto, free of charge. For sellers, Payera will enable them to reach more consumers in the cryptocurrency market. The platform will protect them from market volatility, low cost, and shorter detention time. Payera provides win-win solutions to merchants and buyers.

The next product offered by the Shopera platform. Shopera is an online store that allows merchants and sellers to personally deliver their goods or services in the crypto market safely and conveniently. Users can sell new and used products. How to trade in Shopera is also quite easy. First, you need to get into the platform, take pictures, then set the price, give a short description, and direct the post. In Shopera users can also choose the method of payment with fiat currency.

The last product of the Payera platform is Cardera. This is a crypto payment card created for secure daily offline shopping. Cardera connects directly to Payera’s wallet, which allows users to buy or take FIAT money at ATMs as usual. Thanks to Payera, Shopera, and Cardera spending cryptocurrency becomes more fun.

Payera creates a default utility token ERC-20 which is used as a transactional payment instrument on the platform, named PERE token. The ICO pre is held from 30 May to 15 June 2018. The per PER to PER PreOO tokens price is 0.035 USD. ICO PERE tokens are commencing June 20 and ending on July 18, 2018. The per PERE token price during ICO is 0.05 USD. Platforms only accept investments using BCH, LTC, BTC, Dash, and ETH.

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